Trinity Abalone & Sage Kit


Kit Includes

(1) Approx 6″-8″ Inch Abalone Shell

(1) Sage Stick Approx 3″-4″

(1) Feather Approx 3″-6″

*Abalone Shell

Stimulates psychic development, a clear mind for meditation and encourages beauty and intuition. Abalone shells were used by the Native Northwest American Indians as a natural vessel for cleansing rituals, offerings and prayers. It is useful for matters of emotions, promotes concentration and encourages peaceful energy in your space.


Feathers have many symbolic meanings of ascension, elevation and travel. They assist with communication, spirituality wisdom and peace. Promotes change and prosperity.

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The Trinity Smudge Kit

A classic and basic smudge kit to use to clarify your space and energy field.

Sage: Clearing, Purifying, Balancing, Harmony. Fire Element.

Abalone Shell: Feminine Energy, Refreshing, New Beginnings, Peace. Water Element.

Feather: Messages, Guardian Angels, Releasing. Air Element.


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