Cedarwood Smudge Sticks


Cedar Wood Smudge Sticks

Planet: SunJupiter

Sign: Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Cedar wood stimulates dream work and strengthens psychic abilities with focus & clarity. It supports element magic, clairvoyance, and all forms of divination while offering psychic protection. Associated with sacred groves & spirituality, cedar wood aids in communication with spirits.


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Its purification properties are excellent for consecrating amulets and cleansing magical tools. These properties also serves to banish hexes and ward off the intentions of negative people. Cedar wood is effective with dealing with emotions associated with death, such as mourning and sorrow to provide comfort and emotional release.

Cedar wood also promotes stability, determination, confidence and courage. Supports growth and renewal , inspiration peace of mind and boost energy & vitality.

Also burn for matters of money and prosperity.



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