Charcoal Incense Burner


This is a very convenient and easy to use charcoal burner for all loose incense resins.

Use to smudge and clear any space.

•♦• How to use Burner with charcoal disc •♦•

1. Light the charcoal disc and place it in the bowl. Never hold a charcoal disc once it has been lit!

2. Once charcoal disc turns red and is lit, add your herbs, resins, incense powders as needed.

•♦• How to use Burner with Oils •♦•

1. Light burner with tea light candle.

2. Add water and essential oil of choice.

Do not use to burn charcoal or oil once you have used it for one purpose or the other.




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Dual Purpose Iron Burner for Incense Resins & Charcoal

•Can also be used to burn Fragrance or Essential Oils

• Size: 3.5 in x 3.75


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