Children’s Mano Azabache Evil Eye Protection Bracelet


Mano Figa Azabache means “Fig Hand” depicting a hand in a fist with its thumb in between the middle and pointer finger.

Mano Figa’s ancient symbol is used as a protective amulet and stems from many folk Goddess stories and beliefs to protect against the negative energy of the evil eye.

The ultimate protective amulet against the evil eye for newborns.

∴  Black Jet: Protection, Luck, Physic Energy

∴  Gold: Projective, Energizing, Illumination

∴  Red Coral: Healing, Peace, Wisdom, Harmony

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The Mano Figa Amulet has been widespread in the Iberian peninsula since antiquity and continued to be used in the middle ages. Influenced by translations of works of Arabs authors dissertating on the belief in the evil eye like al-Ghazali who stated that: “an imprint of a soul passes to another body in a way that destroys the other body with a thought (an envious thought) and it kills a human being with a mere thought. This is called the evil eye”

∴ 14 K Gold Filled Bracelet with simulated stones and charms of jet and coral

∴ 3 to 4 inch Adjustable Wrist Length Chain and Clasp

Desp ‘OjOs™ | Disposses Yourself of Low Vibrations.

Many cultures believe that the energy projected by the evil eye can cause misfortune, bad luck or illness. Mal de Ojo jewelry and protection amulets are used and worn to protect against the side effects of the evil eye.

Talismans, Charms and Amulets are terms used interchangeably, but each one has its own purpose and versatile in its use. It can be a necklace, bracelet or earrings you wear or a charm bag you keep in your purse, they all have a purpose and use for the everyday mystical man or woman and even children!

∴ Talismans

Talismans are objects that are charged to influence powers and energy typically for a specific objective or goal.  For example, a business owner may place a Talisman over his main doors to attract new customers.

∴ Amulets

Amulets are made for protection against evil and negative energy. Most common amulets are the Hamsa Hand or the Evil Eye.  Its energy is to repel, push away, break free from and banish.

∴ Charms

Charms are used for success, abundance, love and to attract positive influences. The energy of charms is to pull and bring good energy to you, such as a “Lucky” charm.



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