Purple Amethyst Necklace


Energy comes in all colors and sizes. These dreamy crystal necklaces are effortlessly simple, yet luxurious for any style.

∴  Purple Amethyst: Intuition, Dreams, Crown Chakra

16 inch 18k Gold Filled Necklace




Our crystal and stone collection is curated to provide one of a kind exquisite pieces from Earth’s most magnificent gifts.

All Crystals are cleansed with river or moon water, purified with incense, on display to the universes’s cosmic lights overnight to capture the stars and moonlight and lastly, dressed with herbs and crystals while in storage ready to ship to its new home.

Each Crystal order includes a note card description of your Crystal’s vibrations, how to cleanse, charge and use your crystal for ritual or day to day.

Your necklace will arrive in a complimentary gift box, ready for gifting to yourself or someone else.

Each stone and crystal size, color and cut may vary from image displayed.

Please note any back order purchases may take 2-8 weeks to fulfill and complete your order.  Please contact us via email before placing any back orders for crystals for current fulfillment time.


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Purple Amethyst Cluster (Gold ), Yellow Citrine Point (Silver), Blue Kyanite (Silver), Black Tourmaline (Silver)


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