Dragon’s Blood Incense Resins


Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Deities: Diana, Aradia

Used for: Clearing, Purification, Health, Mental Powers, Love

7.5 grams Wild Harvested Dragon’s Blood Incense Resin


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Dragon’s Blood has a distinct potency for protection, to repel low and evil energy, energy vampires and overall negativity. This incense is very potent when burned in the home where there may be a lot of arguments, disorder and disruptions. Dragons Blood can be used anytime to clear negative vibrations in a space while establishing positive intentions.

Dragon’s Blood Incense is also helpful to increase mental and spiritual knowledge, application of that knowledge and gaining self empowerment. It is a well known love incense to attract an ideal mate and companion by clearing your aura of negative self talk or entities attached to you that may be causing blockages to receiving the things you work for.

Burn Dragon’s blood with other incense such as Sandalwood for for a sweet after effect that will uplift the energy of love and harmony in your environment.



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