Eucalyptus & White Sage Smudge Bundle


6″ Dried Herbs Smudge Stick

Eucalyptus: Healing, Clearing, Strengthens, Protection

Eucalyptus is a fresh and clean scented herb used in aromatherapy for its therapeutic and decongestant properties.

Eucalyptus is burned as smudge to heal disappointments, worries, and to relieve mental fatigue. It is a great herb to use when dealing with obstacles, living or working with difficult people or to simply create movement in stagnant spaces. Eucalyptus also helps decompress from emotions or worries that may make you feel “stuck” or inadequate.

Combined with Sage, this smudge bundle packs a potent duo for resetting and reclaiming your space before or after any ritual. Sage is very protective and clearing. Due to its quite volatile ability to clear out ALL vibes, good or bad, its best to always combine or follow up Sage with soothing and balancing herbs like Eucalyptus, Sweet Grass or other harmonizing herbs.

Smudging removes low vibrating influences from your surroundings while uplifting your spirit.


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Directions for Smudging:

Light your smudge stick with a match or lighter and blow out the flame.

Clear yourself first and allow the smoke to billow around your body. Now that you are cleansed, you are ready to start clearing your space.

Use the smudge stick smoke to cleanse and purify your space by waving the smudge stick and spreading the smoke around with a smudge feather. Speak your intention for purification, protection, peace abundance and blessings while moving around your space.

The ritual of smudging and purification is intention-based. There is no right, wrong or specific way to smudge your sacred space.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about smudging different types of incenses.



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