Identifying Energy Vampires | Webinar



What’s energy and what are some techniques to protect yourself from draining forces?

Energy is constantly flowing and as conduits of life force we are exposed to all types of energies that can be of enrichment or depletion.

Learn about the basic traits of people who feed off your weaknesses (energy vampires) and how to strengthen your life force against depleting circumstances that you may unknowingly be exposing yourself to.

Here’s a brief overview of what this webinar will cover:

  • The Fundamentals of the Human Energy Field (The Aura).
  • Identify common behaviors, personality traits and characteristics of energy vampires.
  • Why energy vampires become what they are? Are you or any of your habits a energy vampire?
  • Overview of common physical and emotional symptoms of psychic attacks and energy vampires.
  • How to create boundaries with energy vampires at work, home and different type of relationships.
  • Practical methods on how to recover, strengthen and empower your Aura.
  • Learn different techniques and ritual on protecting your energy field.

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