Palo Santo + Amethyst Bundle


Our Palo Santo and Amethyst duo was curated with the minimalist in mind.

This set can be used to travel, set at your sacred space or for any moment you need to reconnect.

∴  Palo Santo: Cleansing, Purifying, Grounding

∴  Amethyst: Amethyst: Intuition, Dreams, Crown Chakra

∴  100% Cotton Muslin Bag

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Palos Santo (Holy Wood) cleanses, refreshes and resets the energy in any room. Its scent has a clarifying effect on the mind helping you think clear, ease anxiety as well as promote a sense of well being.

Amethyst has a very high energy field ideal for those who want to find a focal point during meditation or during communication when one’s higher self and spiritual guides. It provides comforting energy and protects your aura when carried. Place on your desk during studies to enhance memory, organize thoughts and stimulate mental powers.



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