Before coins were used for commerce, cowrie shells were the only form of currency in many parts of the world’s ancient monetary system.

In addition to their protective qualities, Cowry shells are very supportive of success, balance, fortune and abundance.

Porcelana is handmade and charged to protect against the evil eye energy directed to you. The shell displays its natural color and shape in a gold plated accent charm.

∴ 18K Gold Filled 16 Inch Necklace

∴ Gold Plated Natural Cowry Shell


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Its name derived from Kauri, who was the same as Kali Cunti, Yoni of the Universe, the cowrie shell everywhere represented the divine vulva and usually conveyed the idea of rebirth. Egyptians decorated sarcophagi with cowrie shells as a rebirth charm. Cowrie are still prized throughout the East for their supposed healing and regenerative powers. Cowrie necklaces are valued in India as amulets against the evil eye.

Moslem women believe cowries should be worn on the body during pregnancy. The Japanese keep cowries in wardrobe cabinets for luck.

-The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets



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