Raw Rose Quartz Chunks


Rose Quartz is the Stone of love and self healing. Rose Quartz helps protect your emotions and attracts the energy of love into your life.

This Crystal helps you learn about unconditional love with not only the people around you, but yourself as well.



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Rose Quartz promotes happiness, compassion and relaxation.  Its soft yet tantalizing energy enlivens love from every person it comes in contact with. Use to uplift feminine power as well as enhance your aura to attract love & passion.  Rose Quartz is also ideal to use to incite romance in a current relationship. Display on your nightstand or space of love.

Rose Quartz teaches how to release our attachments from toxic people and relationships. Negative and hurtful emotions you have been holding onto will  be released when working with Rose Quartz. This Crystal is associated with the heart chakra and encourages trust in the power of love and acceptance.



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