San Lazaro Piece


Babalu Aye, translated father of the world, is the Orisha in the Yoruba/Lucumi tradition as the Orisha that oversees diseases, illnesses and healing. If you’re an “I love Lucy” fan you may have heard of “Babalu” in Ricky Ricardo’s (played by Desi Arnaz) song on the show.  His way of paying homage to the Orisha and the original Cuban composer of the song. In the bible, Saint Lazarus is known as the man Jesus raised from the dead or the rich man vs. Lazarus parable depicted in the bible.

He goes by many names depending on the region he is honored around the world. In Nigeria he is known as Obaluaye, in other parts as Omolu, Sonponno & San Lazaro (Saint Lazarus) in his syncretized version throughout Latin America.  He is personified in many aspects most notably his hunch back form and his use of crutches, as well as skin ailments such as sores and leprosy.

∴  Gold Filled

∴ 16 Inch 14k Gold Filled Necklace

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