Shango Cowry Shell Earring


All natural cowry shell wrapped in gold or silver plated wire and adorned with African seed beads representing the 7 elemental Orishas.

Shango is the Orisha of motivation, strength, courage and royalty.

The primary colors of Shango are red and white to represent passion and purity and the balance between.



The Orishas are deities originating from the Yoruba people’s traditional spiritual practices throughout West Africa. The scatterings of the Yoruba people’s spiritual foundation has taken root throughout the planet reborn in Santeria, Candomble, Lucumi, and many traditions throughout the diaspora all sourced from its African roots.

Orishas are energy fields representing aspects of our soul’s human experience on Earth. The core of the Orisha’s concept of understanding is to be in alignment with our soul’s path and higher selves. Although innumerable the Orishas are known among 7 primary elements and used as different archetypes of building character, Iwa Pele.

This collection is handcrafted with the 7 elemental Orishas in traditional African seed beads and naturally sourced cowrie shells. Seed beads are symbols of wealth, abundance, trade and innovation. Cowrie shells are central to many rituals, the feminine energy and a form of divination.


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Gold, Silver


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