Silver Moon Candles


Silver represents the moon Goddess and is very healing to the physical body and our spiritual nature due to its conductive nature.

Here are some of the receptive qualities of Silver: Attracting, quiet, calming, soothing, promotes meditation, spirituality and inward reflection. Grounding and peace energy. Psychic awareness, promotes love.

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Moon Meditation Ritual to Start or Complete a Goal

However, during a new moon you can do this meditation to start a new goal or during a full moon, complete a goal.

In a quiet space, free of distractions, set a white plate and set either a white or silver candle.

Dress the candle with honey and lightly sprinkle silver glitter around the candle.

Securely place the candle on the plate with either a candle holder or allow some a few drops of candle drippings on the plate and before it cools, secure the candle on the wet wax.

You can also place flowers along the plate, although optional. I prefer white carnations as they are known as flowers of the gods.

Once set up, you can simply meditate on the initiation and outcome of your goal. Visualize yourself attaining the goal and produce feelings of achievement related to your goal. This will help stimulate your subconscious mind and attract circumstances that will help with your goal’s manifestation.


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