Yakshini Golden Gateway Metamorphosis Candle


Yakshini’s are the female counterparts of Yakshas known throughout Buddhist, Jain and Hindu mythology. They embody the benevolent and malevolent of the divine female form. They bestow occult knowledge of the hidden self and rule over hidden treasures. Burn during meditation or ritual.

Metamorphosis is a change of form, appearance or use. A transformation of self is what this golden gateways Yashi teaches and will enhance in your rituals.

Scent: Unscented

Charged under the New Moon in Capricorn Energy.

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Imagine yourself at the river washing your clothes generation after generation on a slab of what you believed to be an inanimate stone, suddenly one day wash up from the deep buried depths of the water and uncover this monumental sculpture of a woman, goddess carved from a single piece of stone.  That is what the villagers in India experienced when this Yakshi was unearthed from the river banks.

She stands strong, with an illustrious mien and a stance to be felt with respect. Her fierceness is quiet and effective. Today’s new moon in my sun sign Capricorn, will invoke and embody her boldness. She comes for you to be accountable for your inaction and release the cycle of being the victim of circumstances.

My specially made Yakshi candles will be charged with this bold New Moon in Capricorn Energy to be burned under the influence of the disciplined and dignified Saturn.  The fly whisk on her hand represents authority over self. The fly whisk is actually used throughout many African cultures and symbolizes status and royalty.  According to Buddhists in China, a fly whisk symbolizes the sweeping away of mental distractions and ignorance.

The mind is all.

Your candle is dressed and charged with an assortment of organic herbs and crystals. Contains Alum powder to amplify and illuminate. Jasmine Buds flowers to promote the feminine energy as well as Chamomile to bring balance and harmony as well as a trio of masculine fire energy house secret powder recipe.

Our ritual candles are cleansed with river or moon water, purified with incense, put out overnight to capture the stars and moonlight and lastly, dressed with herbs and crystals.



Always burn candles within sight, never leave unattended.

Keep away from flammable objects.

Keep away from Children and Pets.



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