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Are you having issues with establishing and finding clarity with your spirituality?

Are the spiritual relationships you’re currently in unfulfilling and filled with misdirected messages and energy?

Want to engage and develop your spirit guides, guardian angels and ascended masters?

Do you need clarity in healing past life traumas, hear messages from your departed loved ones or simply want be self empowered?

If you said yes to any of those questions you may benefit from a intimate and dedicated spiritual mass where you will be able to tap into the spirit realm and find answers to your many life’s questions.



What is a Misa Espiritual (Spiritual Mass)? 

 Misa espirituales or seances is a form of communication with your ancestors, guardian angels. Ascended masters and spirit guides. A misa espiritual is not only a means of communicating with the spirit realm, but also a tool for the development of your spiritual framework. Your spiritual framework consists of the spirit guides (ancestral and astral) that were born with you, that walk with you and with whom you made a pact with to help you live out your life’s purpose. By consciously developing your spiritual framework, you’re able to pierce through the fog of misinformation, doubt and be directed toward your destiny. 

Misa Espirituales are conducted by experienced and gifted psychic/mediums or brujas who serve as conduits of communication between the spirit realm and mundane world we exist in. This gathering will consist of cleansings, purification and protective rituals before, during and after the spirit session. 

The Misa is held within a protected circle with the focus on a white table (Mesa Blanca) which serves as a focal point and portal for the spirits to gather and communicate through. The present mediums serve as vessels for communication of messages, advices, expressions and more.  

Why are you hosting a Misa Blanca? 

I have been an active participant in Espiritismo since I was a young child and misa blancas were very instrumental to my personal and spiritual development. By establishing and engaging with my spirit court I was able to find my personal power, gain stability and clarity on the things I was unsure about in my life.  Misas are not only about communicating with the dead, but also providing light and elevation to those spirits that are in need of elevation and progression. In return that same energy is passed on to us to manifest in the earth realm. 

Who can attend a Spiritual Mass? 

Anyone can attend or arrange a Spiritual Mass. You do not need to be an initiated priest or priestess to attend a spiritual mass nor belong to a specific group or tradition.  

Spiritual communication knows no bounds or titles and is unique to you. Your own personal will to understand who you are and your purpose in life is sufficient reason for you to attend a Misa.  

 Traditionally spiritual masses are open to the public in an effort to make spirit communication accessible to everyone. The approach with your mass however, is geared toward a more intimate and personal setting where communication is more personal and precise to you. You can bring a loved one with you to the session to be “read” as well in addition to you. It is recommended to have no more than one additional person to attend with you during the spiritual mass to ensure communication is effective and specific to you. Cost of session is per person the session is dedicated to. All personal topics discussed during your personal session is strictly confidential and does not leave the circle.  

 When is a spiritual mass performed? 

Misa Blancas are typically performed during transition phases in our lives. It’s ideal to have a misa done periodically to get an idea as to what your guides may need at any given time.  Misas are also done when a person needs to understand where they stand in their current life and what energies known and unknown influences their life. Misas are also consulted during times of your life when you are experiencing a crisis, personal issues, overcoming trauma or simply want to develop and establish your spiritual framework. 

Where does a Misa take Place? 

Your scheduled Misa will take place in Manhattan, NYC.  

Once your Misa is booked, I will contact you via phone within 24 hours to schedule a date for your mass and review with you what to expect before, during and after the misa and go over any questions you may have. Please keep in mind appointments may be scheduled within 1-2 weeks after your payment has been made. A non-refundable deposit fee of $50 is required for any  appointments that are 3-6 weeks out.  

Your misa will take place in a comfortable and dedicated space. 

You will be notified of the location 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  

Why should I attend a Misa Blanca? 

Misas are like offerings of light to your spirits. Misas consists of a community of experienced mediums and spiritualists who not only communicate with spirit but are also able to assist with further development of your spiritual framework.  

By recognizing and elevating your spiritual framework you are building and establishing your spirituality. The development of your spiritual framework is crucial to building a solid foundation and relationship with your spirit guides. Development of our spirit guides empowers you to develop direct communication and understanding of your life’s purpose.  

Establishing this relationship will open you to become a better person, find solutions to your problems and manifest things according to your life path.   


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